Aden Athletes Program

As the Prophet PBUH said: “The strong believer is better than the weak one and there’s good in each”, Aden Center is determined in building. healthy minds are in healthy bodies. There is a slot of time at Aden Center Gym for everyone, categorized for different genders and age groups. The sports programs include, basketball, soccer, volleyball, boxing and karate for boys and men, while women and girls do yoga, zumba, gymnastics and more. The sports department also form teams that compete with other schools and clubs.

Social & Entertainment

At Aden Center we believe in the strength of the community, as the Prophet PBUH said (Believers to each other are like bricks in a building holding and supporting each other”. Social events, life skills workshops, fieldtrips BBQ and other activities are organized by the center all the time and for all ages. The Center introduced a monthly gathering for ladies and men, called Diwaniat Aden, inspired by Arabian traditional congregations to discuss current issues, with a new theme each month.

The center also organizes gatherings and other social events for youth as well, including field trips, BBQ’s swimming sessions.