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Saturday School




Aden Center The Connecting Link

At Aden Center we dedicated ourselves to becoming the link to self –development that all the members of the American Muslim Community aspire for. We are inspired by our Islamic morals and the Prophet PBUH teachings, to provide a variety of educational, social and sports programs. The Center is focused on the children and youth of the surrounding community. We tailor the programs to fit their needs and lifestyle, our goal is to raise a generation proud to be Muslims. Women occupy a considerable part of our attention as well, that’s why we dedicated the weekday mornings to their education and enhancing their life skills, we did not forget their share in sports as well.

Education At Aden

Muslim and Proud

A unique dedicated program for boys only 13-17 years old. It is mainly focused on raising strong Islamic Leaders and teaching them Arabic Language, Quran Interpretation, recitation and memorization, while instilling positive Muslims behaviors and essential life skills in them.


An intense Islamic Studies program for women and girls 13 years and up, in the duration of three years they study; Islamic ideologies (Aqeedah), Figh, Seerah, Sharee’a, Quran Interpretation and more. Putting them on the first steps of becoming this generations Muslim Scholars.


Saturday School Program for girls 5-17 and boys 5-12 years old, focusing on Arabic Language, Quran Recitation and Memorization and Islamic Studies.


Sunday School Program for girls 5-14 and boys 5-12 years old, focusing on instilling the Arabic Language basics in younger children, After School Programs

Quran Memorization

Children and youth 5-17 years can memorize Quran by repeating after the teacher. This program follows a well-planned schedule that will enable the students to memorize the assigned chapters from the Quran