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When we think of the concept of empowerment, many often think only within our own reality and overlook that there are all types of industries, communities, and societies in need of support. There has been a movement among Arab women specifically to become empowered by creating avenues through education, entrepreneurship opportunities and support networks. Here we discuss the importance of active participation to help empower these female populations right here in the USA with countless ways you can give back. Whether it be through offering resources or financial aid - now more than ever is an opportunity for us to come together as a society and do something meaningful for those striving for a better life!

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Strive For Equality

Since Arab women began gaining more rights and empowerment in the 20th century, they have made great strides in many aspects of society. While much progress has been made, much work still remains to be done in order to fully empower Arab women and achieve gender equality.

One important area where Arab women continue to face challenges is in the workforce. Despite making up a majority of university students, Arab women are often underrepresented in the workforce.

This is due, in part, to cultural factors that place a high value on traditional female roles such as childbearing and caregiving.  Many employers are reluctant to hire Arab women due to cultural biases and the fear that they will not be able to balance work and family responsibilities.

Let's Empower Women

Please consider donating to our cause as Women Empowerment is a big focus for us at Aden Center. We believe everyone is created equally and show have the same equal rights. 

Stand up for the women in your life, raise awareness, and donate. All donations will help more women get educated to put them in a position to succeed with equal opportunities. 


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